Saturday, March 20, 2010

Discipline version Maria Montessori

Lu dans le blog (post du 25/1/2010) :

"We claim that an individual is disciplined when he is the master of
himself and when he can, as a consequence control himself when he must follow a
rule of life
" The Discovery of the Child p.49

"Nous affirmons qu'un individu est discipliné quand il est devenu maitre de lui-même et quand il peut, en conséquence de cela, suivre la règle de vie qu'il s'est lui-même donné." Maria Montessori

"Discipline is therefore attained indirectly, that is, by developing activity in spontaneous work." The Discovery of the Child p.305

"La discipline est ainsi atteinte indirectement, c'est à dire , à travers le développement d'un travail choisi spontanément."

"A room in which all the children move about usefully, intelligently, and voluntarily, without committing any rough or rude act, would seem to me a classroom very well disciplined indeed." The Montessori Method p. 60

"Une pièce dans laquelle les enfants mettraient en place des actions utiles, intelligentes et volontaires en évitant des actes approximatifs ou brusques, me semblerai une classe très disciplinée."

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Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I looked through your blogs too and I really enjoyed your step by step photos of making the bead squares. I have been debating weather or not to take that on.